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MEC is purchasing a church property and needs to raise $3.3M

Al-Medina Education Center (MEC) is purchasing a church to make it the first Masjid in Newark, CA. See video. This property will provide the much needed space for our community to grow and allow MEC to fulfill its mission and concretize its vision. This is a unique opportunity we don't want to miss. We invite you to participate in this blessed effort and provide support. Please make sincere Du'a to Allah (SWT), volunteer and help with the fundraising effort, and donate generously towards this noble cause. May Allah (SWT) reward you generously.

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Please see below the current programs and activities taking place at MEC.

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Do you need to complete community service hours and get a certificate? do it at MEC. Send us a note and we will get in touch with you.

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Have an activity or event you would like to promote, let us know by emailing The board members will review your request for approval so we recommend to submit at least two weeks before your event and we will get in touch with you.

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Monday September 26, 2022
Prayer Time /
Iqama Change
Fajr 5:48
Will change to 6:30 on Fri, Sep 30
Sunrise 6:59 Duha prayer starts at 7:13
Dhuhr 13:02
Will change to 1:15 on Sun, Nov 6
Asr 4:23
Will change to 5:30 on Fri, Sep 30
Maghrib 7:02
Iqama for Maghrib is 5 minutes after Athan
Isha 8:10
Will change to 8:15 on Fri, Sep 30
Midnight 12:23 Isha prayer cannot be delayed past 12:23
Jumuaa Khutbah
Please come early and park legally

 Events & Announcements

MEC Monthly Homeless Shelter Meal

Join a team of dedicated brothers and sisters from MEC to practice one of the greatest principles of Islam: "Feeding the less fortunate", once every month (First Friday of every month).

Please email brother Mohammad Imad ( to volunteer for this event.

First Friday of every month
5:30 PM Sharp

Frequency: Monthly

We also accept monetary donation to buy supplies.

Location: Abode Services (previously known as TriCity Homeless Coalition) in Fremont.
588 Brown Rd (off Warm Springs Blvd, near Mission) Fremont, CA 94538

Contact: Br. Mohammad Imad:
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