We thank you for your continued support!

Use the buttons below to donate/give to the various donation funds for Al-Medina Education Center.

Donate – General Fund

Funds collected go towards completion of a meeting roo, wudu area for women and men, mezzanine area, expansion of the masjid.

Donate – Operations

Funds collected help support the operations of MEC, including maintenance, utilities, salaries and programs.

Donate – Masjid Loan Payoff

Funds collected go to the help paying off the Karde Hasana that the masjid has taken to provide the community a large place to hold activities and worship Allah.


Zakat is an obligation in Islam and donating it helps to purify one’s wealth and support those in need, fulfilling a fundamental aspect of social responsibility in the community.

Donate – Ramadan Expenses

Funds collected help support the operations of MEC during Ramadan.

Donate – Sadaqa

Sadaqa is a voluntary act of charity in Islam that brings numerous benefits such as blessings, purification of wealth, and helping those in need, while also being a means of drawing closer to Allah and seeking His pleasure.