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Welcome to MEC Sunday School: Nurturing Strong Character, Morals, and Personality through Quranic Education

About Us

At MEC Sunday School, we believe in fostering a holistic development for your children, encompassing not only academic excellence but also the building of strong character, morals, and a resilient personality. Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment where your child can develop a deep understanding of the Holy Quran, embrace essential manners (adab), and strengthen their connection with Allah.

Founded on the principles of compassion, integrity, and excellence, MEC Sunday School is committed to instilling Islamic values that guide our students to become responsible and compassionate individuals. Our dedicated team of experienced educators ensures that every child receives personalized attention, fostering an atmosphere of growth and spiritual development.

Why MEC Sunday School?

Quranic Education:

At the core of our curriculum is the Holy Quran. We strive to create an engaging and interactive learning experience, allowing students to not only read but understand and implement the teachings of the Quran in their daily lives.

Adab (Manners):

We believe that manners are the cornerstone of a strong character. Our comprehensive adab program emphasizes respect, empathy, and kindness, shaping students into individuals who contribute positively to their families and communities.

Spiritual Connection:

MEC Sunday School is dedicated to helping children develop a deep and meaningful relationship with Allah. Through prayer, reflection, and Islamic studies, we guide students on a spiritual journey that enhances their understanding of faith and fosters a sense of purpose.

Professional and Caring Staff:

Our experienced and compassionate educators are committed to providing a safe and supportive learning environment. We understand the unique needs of each child and tailor our approach to ensure optimal growth, both academically and spiritually.

How You Can Help?

Supporting MEC Sunday School means investing in the spiritual and moral development of the next generation. Your donations contribute to the improvement of our facilities, educational resources, and scholarship programs, making it possible for more children to benefit from our enriching curriculum. Click here to make a donation and be a part of shaping a brighter future.

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Thank you for considering MEC Sunday School as the foundation for your child’s educational and spiritual growth. Together, let’s build a future grounded in faith, knowledge, and compassion.